Unlocking The "Spotting Spot" Quest: A Journey Through Zelda's Tears of The Kingdom

  • Persephone Calhoun
  • Aug 30, 2023
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Unlocking The "Spotting Spot" Quest: A Journey Through Zelda's Tears of The Kingdom

Getting the "Spotting Spot" side quest in Zelda's Tears of The Kingdom is an enjoyable endeavor requiring a little bit of groundwork. As Link, you'll journey through the land, fix stables, and encounter dappled horses, all while completing the exciting Spotting Spot quest.

Completing the Prequel Quests for Spotting Spot

Completing the Prequel Quests for Spotting Spot

To embark on the Spotting Spot quest, they must first carry out some prerequisite activities. In the main storyline, players will need to progress through the aptly named "Regional Phenomena." It also requires fulfilling the "The Incomplete Stable" side quest, which fortunately isn't too taxing. Start by locating Lester or Karson, then utilize the Ultrahand to repair the roof. This action establishes a Mini Stable, which players can subsequently use throughout their journey in the game.

Spotting and Taming Spot – Lester’s Lost Horse

The refurbished Mini Stable prompts Lester to share the tale of his lost horse Spot, setting off the Spotting Spot quest. Spot is a distinctive horse, thanks to his ‘gray dappling’ against a white coat. Lester suggests that the horse wouldn’t wander far, so Link should start the search near Lookout Landing.

Taming Spot requires a carefully planned approach. Players should press down on the L-stick to make Link crouch and inch closer to Spot before mounting and calming the horse down. While an extra Stamina Wheel isn't required, having one could improve the odds of a successful taming endeavor if you’re running low on Stealth Elixirs or Stealth Armor.

Equipment for Stealthy Taming

Equipment for Stealthy Taming

The potential hardships in approaching Spot could be eased by taking Sneaky Elixirs or wearing stealth-enhancing armor such as the Sheikah Set. Although these items are available early in Tears of the Kingdom, players may find that Sheikah Set requires the completion of an entirely different side quest.

The more daring may opt to utilize an "ice arrow" loaded with an Ice Fruit or White Chuchu Jelly infusion, freezing the horse and preventing it from fleeing. However, this method requires caution as a powerful draw can accidentally harm the horse. The general consensus is that it's preferable to sneak up on the horse rather than attempt to freeze it.

Keeping Spot or Returning to Lester

Once Spot has been tamed, return to Lester. He'll ask players if they'd like to keep Spot. If your horse registry is full, you may need to part ways with one to accommodate Spot. After the horse is registered under Link, you can choose to rename Spot or retain the original name given by Lester.

Like in the Breath of the Wild game, Spot's stats, including Strength, Stamina, Speed, Pull, and Temperament, play a crucial role in the game's progression. For instance, a high Pull rating is best for side quests like "Serenade to a Great Fairy." Overall, having a basic understanding of these stats can greatly affect your Tears of The Kingdom questing experience, adding a strategic layer to the game that truly immerses players into the magical world of Zelda.

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