Warhammer 40,000: Darktide: Mysteries of the Omnissiah

  • Persephone Calhoun
  • Jul 07, 2024
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Warhammer 40,000: Darktide: Mysteries of the Omnissiah

The intriguing aspect of Darktide is its ability to entice players for more action despite the Hive City's foreboding atmosphere and the central concept that players are, to put it bluntly, dispensable—very much so. With the unveiling of the "Secrets of the Machine God" update, a sense of celebration and a hint of awe emerges. One encounters old industrial zones and towering machinery, making the environment as pivotal as the gameplay itself, aiming to immerse players into a somewhat unsettling backdrop.

At the crux of this free addition to the game lies a neglected manufacturing complex, a colossal relic from a bygone era, yet still operational with extensive cooling systems despite the ages of inactivity. This not only adheres to the game's lore but has also enabled Fatshark to craft level designs that weave together snowy and icy elements with the stirring ambient compositions of renowned musician Jesper Kyd. Situated on the fringes of the normal Hive urban expanse, this "inter-zone area" was once instrumental in producing Moebian steel, an essential material for ancient battle machinery.

The gameplay brings a fresh twist with the introduction of a new in-level NPC. Players are tasked to activate the factory, secure resources, and depart with an abundant haul. The approach to completing objectives is surprisingly flexible, which might seem odd but contributes significantly to the game's replay value. Fatshark has thoughtfully varied the objectives across different stages to enhance the desire to revisit and engage with the missions. Personally, I find myself contentedly diving into quick-play missions, welcoming the unpredictability each round offers.

The update introduces four fresh weapon types, along with three new variants. A personal highlight is the iconic Godwyn-Branx Pattern Bolt Pistol—a portable weapon with a formidable impact, akin to the Desert Eagle of the Warhammer world. Although known to be exceedingly scarce, it was a weapon I had my sights set on since the game's initial release.

Ogryns, the towering giants adept at both defense and offensive onslaught, are now armed with a hefty two-handed pickaxe. Predictably, there are two weighty options and one slightly lighter variant—naturally, as "lightweight" is not a concept associated with Ogryns.

For those well-versed in the game's mythology, the daunting Adeptus Arbites enforce the rule of law within the Hive City, wielding a Shock Maul. As the label implies, this formidable tool incapacitates adversaries with ease.

Then there's the double-barreled shotgun, where the presence of visceral detail is a given. The fact that an Assault Shotgun variant named "Hacker" escaped any sort of regulatory restriction is quite bewildering.

Even with these additions, strategic grenades and melee weapon use are encouraged as ever; the combat mechanics remain unchanged, and one must cope with the scarcity of ammunition. Skillful survival tactics are key in Darktide, as reckless players will find themselves overpowered and detained, squandering precious health kits prematurely or using ranged ammunition on foes better dealt with by blunt force. Fortunately, the number of players lacking proficiency seems minimal, which significantly enhances the gaming experience.

While I laud Fatshark’s efforts in subtly enriching the game, I still hold a desire for character development in a more traditional RPG manner, as well as an appetite for more narrative-driven content. Employing in-game NPCs is a commendable initial step; however, I envision the engagement of multiple NPCs simultaneously, handing out varied mission goals and rewarding players who strategize and prioritize effectively.

Fatshark’s evident commitment to supporting Darktide instills enthusiasm, as it stands not only as a highly captivating cooperative shooter but also as one of the most immersive experiences within the Warhammer 40K universe.

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