Twitter Blue Subscription Delayed

  • Greg Burn
  • Oct 24, 2022
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Twitter Blue Subscription Delayed

Following the US midterm elections, Twitter reportedly postponed the rollout of its highly anticipated Blue subscription service. With that said, Elon Musk’s $8 Blue service allowing you to pay your way to account validation, gets pushed back until the post-election date of November 9th. 

Musk even threatened to fire its employees if they failed to launch Blue by November 7 in accordance with the original agreement. The new Twitter Blue membership brings forth a treasure trove of perks, such as limited ads, better search customization, the possibilities to post lengthier vids, and that lovely blue badge, too.

When the service goes live, any Blue monthly subscriber can lay their hands on a verification badge. That, in its turn, brings up disturbing questions as to how to tell between legitimate and corrupt Twitter profiles.  
These concerns have only intensified ahead of the midterm elections. That’s because of the risk that the newly-paid-for-verification users in politicians’ disguise can make a big info-mess, to say the least. 

Before Musk’s rules, verification badges were not so easy to get. They were assigned by the service to prominent people, government officials, famous reporters, and the like. Those people had to first provide evidence confirming that their profile actually belonged to them. That way, impersonalization was a lot harder to achieve. These days, the checkmark is available to pretty much anyone. 

To demonstrate noncompliance, some celebs renamed themselves as Musk on Twitter, thus putting on display the obvious drawback within the new membership system. Let’s wait and see what all this leads to. What are your thoughts on the news? Have your say in the comment section below and get the conversation started. 

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