Get ready to dive into the pulse-pounding world of Payday 3

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Get ready to dive into the pulse-pounding world of Payday 3

Amongst the various high-stakes heists you'll perform, one stands out - the mission known as the 99 Boxes. This mission features a unique twist: the use of a refrigerated truck for your getaway. It even features a special appearance from Ice-T during the mission debriefing. This guide will help you navigate through the process of prepping your cool escape route. Keeping your loot chilled is essential, as its value can plummet if the temperature rises.

Ensuring a Frozen Getaway with Liquid Nitrogen

Kick things off by infiltrating the main warehouse building. Upon spawning, veer left to the security booth. A gate there can be unlocked to gain access to the secure parking area of the warehouse. However, be cautious of the security cameras; one perched on the warehouse and another on the security booth.

Made it through unscathed? Excellent! Now climb the staircase, unlock the door, and slip into the warehouse. Beware of the warehouse workers and a handful of guards patrolling the premises. Your objective is in the far right corner - the refrigerated truck. Interact with the back door to access the cargo hold.

The Nitrogen Hunt: Rummaging through the Warehouse

Your subsequent challenge is to unearth a pressurized liquid nitrogen container. This is cleverly concealed in one of the many crates littered across the warehouse. Two cameras sweep across the interior of the warehouse. Luckily, each crate acts as a blind spot, enabling you to search without having to incapacitate any personnel or equipment.

To speed up your search, here's where the crates can be found:

  • Adjacent to the left of the middle shelving units by the forklift
  • Amongst the back row of shelves next to the refrigerated truck, hidden behind a large crate
  • Tucked in the back corner near a ladder and the staircase
  • Concealed in the corner opposite the refrigerated truck, behind a guard's surveillance spot

Ready the Truck for a Cold Extraction

After locating the liquid nitrogen, it needs to be fitted into the truck's cargo hold. Just interact with the canister's silhouette in the cargo hold and presto - the nitrogen tank is in place. With your refrigerated truck prepped for extraction, it's time to focus on securing your valuable loot.

Stealth, careful planning, and smart strategy are your allies in successfully completing the 99 Boxes mission in Payday 3. Armed with the knowledge of setting up the refrigerated vehicle, you're a step closer to your icy escape. Game on!

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