Cyberpunk Odyssey: Beyond Sunset, Episode 2 Unveiled

  • Felix Caldwell
  • Jul 16, 2023
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Cyberpunk Odyssey: Beyond Sunset, Episode 2 Unveiled

The cybernetic world of Beyond Sunset extends its reach with the unveiling of a brand new trailer for its upcoming "Episode 2". A product of the creative minds at Metacorp and published by Movie Games, Beyond Sunset is a cyberpunk first-person shooter structured as an episodic narrative, with each new chapter promising a distinctly unique gaming experience.

Dive into a new intense world with this new episode, set within a vast technological megastructure. This isn't just another sci-fi backdrop; the developers have masterfully crafted it to function akin to a living, breathing organism. Recollections of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 may surface in the minds of players, yet the resulting gameplay provides a far more engaging venture than traditional locations previously teased in the Steam Next Fest.

This episode's compartmentalized glimpses of several different episodes show that familiar structures and layouts have been given a cybernetic overhaul. The fresh aesthetic of Episode 2 sharply contrasts with its predecessors, solidifying Beyond Sunset's foothold in the cyberpunk genre. The scenery and setting are uncharacteristically distinct, painting a convincing picture of a futuristic dystopian landscape.

The narrative pulls you into the shoes of Lucy, an enhanced street samurai, questing for her lost memories. Coupled with the potent allure of the backdrop, the game has you entangled in skirmishes against not only robots but also yakuza and zombies. There is a certain sense of familiarity with these tropes, yet Beyond Sunset's unique approach leaves ample room for more exploration and engaging action sequences.

In conclusion, Beyond Sunset's Episode 2 showcases a harmonious marriage of cyberpunk aesthetics, engaging game mechanics, and a captivating narrative. The hint of moddability further extends the prospective longevity of the game for dedicated players. Whether you're a cyberpunk enthusiast or a first-person shooting game connoisseur, Beyond Sunset promises a thrilling trek through a thought-provoking dystopian world that certainly warrants your attention.

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