YouTube Trying A Handful of Changes to Fight Spam and Comment Scams

  • Persephone Calhoun
  • Jul 11, 2022
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YouTube Trying A Handful of Changes to Fight Spam and Comment Scams

Over the past year, Google has begun to actively counter disinformation on the Internet. Naturally, certain measures that the company is taking affect YouTube. Changes that were recently announced will allow us to deal with unwanted comments under the video more effectively. Such comments include those made from fake accounts impersonating another person, as well as spamming, malicious links, and more.

Now it is impossible to hide the number of channel subscribers, and it is more difficult to change its name since there will be a limit on the frequency of corrections. Also, a number of elements for content moderation appear. The latest changes have touched on what fonts are acceptable to use for the name, among which there will be only those that are very easy to read.

This change went into effect just a few days ago. And although it is not a large-scale one, it is definitely one that everyone has been waiting for. The restriction on acceptable characters and fonts is particularly useful since it prevents impersonations and fakes. And new filters and moderation tools will make it possible to remove spam so quickly that users will barely encounter malicious messages that hinder ordinary users from having conversations in the comment section.

The new YouTube policy will be an unpleasant discovery for all those who previously profited from fake accounts pretended to be another by imperceptibly changing only one character from the original. Now it will be impossible to duplicate the name of a channel, preventing scammers from stealing the audience of large channels and earning money by monetizing views.

Have you ever subscribed to a channel that pretends to be someone else? Do you think that the new methods of combating disinformation on YouTube will be effective? Please share your opinion with others below.


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