The Serpentine Shenanigans of Modern Warfare 3: Slithering at Speed

  • Felix Caldwell
  • Nov 27, 2023
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The Serpentine Shenanigans of Modern Warfare 3: Slithering at Speed

The gaming community has always been fascinated and amused by the bizarre and unexpected glitches that appear in even the most polished games. In the world of first-person shooters, particularly the Modern Warfare series, odd movement bugs have become something of a legend. And now it seems this game has joined the rest of the glitch hall of fame: gamers have uncovered an exploit that turns their avatars into speed snakes wriggling across the ground.

Much like a magic trick, this glitch has a specific set of instructions. Activating automatic sprint and tweaking the controls to bind the 'Stance Down' action to the scroll wheel allows players to transform their character's movement after a jump, enabling them to glide across the battlefield at a breakneck pace. This not only creates a visually haunting spectacle but also confers huge tactical advantages due to a significantly reduced hitbox and startling speed.

While players have been quick to experiment with this newfound ability, turning battles into bizarre crawling contests, the implications for fair play are substantial. Reducing hitboxes and racing across maps could unbalance the gameplay, which puts immense pressure on the developers to act swiftly. Past experiences in various online multiplayer games have shown that such anomalies, although wildly entertaining, can disrupt the competitive integrity of the game.

The developers of Modern Warfare 3 have demonstrated their awareness of the issue, promptly acknowledging it on their public tracking boards. Like any performance that's too good (or too glitched) to be true, developers know that these acts must eventually come to an end. Ensuring a fair and enjoyable experience for all players is a gaming commandment and one that requires the curtain to fall on exploits like this.

As we bid farewell to our newfound serpentine comrades, let us remember the laughs and double-takes these gaming quirks have provided. After all, part of the charm of online gaming lies in these moments of absurdity, though they are fleeting. Even though this particular snake may be losing its venom and going back into the proverbial can, gamers will always have their tales of when they saw a soldier become a literal speed demon.

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