Spotify Adds Shuffle and Play Buttons in Albums and Playlists

  • Greg Burn
  • Aug 04, 2022
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Spotify Adds Shuffle and Play Buttons in Albums and Playlists

Spotify has redesigned its interface to make it easier for users to understand whether an album or playlist is being played in random order. The innovation resulted from criticism of the singer Adele a year earlier. The release of the artist's album called 30 and the fact that, by default, the songs in it were not played as the creators intended but in random order.

Right after that incident, Spotify changed the play button, making it a combo of shuffle and play buttons for playlists and albums. The recent update makes everything even better. The new change adds separate buttons for normal play and random play.

The company also made an official statement regarding the latest update, revealing that now it will be more convenient for the user to choose their preferred listening mode on their own. So, whether you like tried-and-true playback or want to shuffle tracks around, you'll be comfortable using Spotify.

The changes described above apply only to Spotify Premium users. For those who use the Spotify service for free, all the content will remain unchanged, and it will be up to Spotify to decide in which order you will hear the playlist. The new update is already available for paid Spotify subscribers on iOS. To make it work, you need to install the latest version from the Apple store. Of course, Spotify's policy shows obvious loyalty to paying subscribers, but this move can significantly increase the company's revenue.

How do you feel about the fact that Spotify chooses the order of the songs instead of the users? Do you think such an update will be a reason to purchase a paid subscription for many users? Please share your opinion below.


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