Nexon perceives significant potential in The Finals

  • Persephone Calhoun
  • Feb 09, 2024
  • 292
Nexon perceives significant potential in The Finals

Though The Finals may not be at the forefront of gaming news as it was during its initial release, it remains a popular title among gamers, and Embark Studios' debut has been met with positive reception.

Nexon reported a pleasant surprise regarding The Finals' performance in a recent earnings call. "We were thrilled with the December launch of our new online game, The Finals, which swiftly amassed a global player base exceeding 10 million and surpassed our financial projections with its strong quarterly earnings. This represents an optimistic milestone in Nexon's efforts to broaden our international presence," the report from Nexon stated.

In spite of a fourth quarter in 2023 that didn't quite meet expectations overall, The Finals emerged as a noteworthy accomplishment. Nexon is even considering the game as a potential cornerstone for its portfolio. For fans of The Finals, this news bodes well, signaling that Nexon will likely continue to invest and focus on the game's development and success.

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