Meta Bridges the Gap: Verifying Threads Profile on Mastodon

  • Persephone Calhoun
  • Aug 14, 2023
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Meta Bridges the Gap: Verifying Threads Profile on Mastodon

As the sphere of social media continues to evolve, it strives to facilitate connections and collaborations. A prime example of this evolution is Meta, previously known as Facebook, which is now providing its users with the ability to authenticate their Threads profile on Mastodon.

Meta has introduced a bit of the diverse into their platform by permitting users to validate their Threads profile on Mastodon, which is quite an achievement. This upgrade was executed through the implementation of “rel=me” links, an effective technique to discern an association between two digital accounts that reciprocally point to each other.

Verifying a Threads profile on Mastodon is a straightforward task. The initial step involves adding the Mastodon profile link on the Threads profile. Subsequently, the Threads profile link is to be added to the “Extra fields” on the Mastodon profile. The final step is merely saving the changes.

Confirmation of this procedure is visible via a green highlighted bar encasing the Threads link, which also receives a verifying checkmark on your Mastodon profile. However, this verification doesn’t extend beyond confirming the ownership of the mentioned Threads profile. 

While this sounds refreshingly new, as with any novel initiative, there may be a few hiccups along the way. Indeed, some Mastodon users have encountered glitches with this verification procedure. The Threads engineering team, in response, is actively troubleshooting these verification-related bugs.

The integration of this verification feature has ushered in an array of other functionalities into Threads, such as forwarding a post directly to Instagram DMs. Despite the initial roadblocks experienced by some, this initiative marks a significant stride towards embracing open standards and federated networks. It’s clear that Meta isn’t slowing down and is venturing to make robust improvements to its platform.

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