Google Warns of AI Pitfalls in Chatbot Development

  • Samanta Blumberg
  • Feb 12, 2023
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Google Warns of AI Pitfalls in Chatbot Development

It has been a battle between two tech giants, Microsoft and Alphabet, competing to create the best chatbot technology. Microsoft has invested around $10 billion in OpenAI’s chatbot application ChatGPT, while Alphabet recently launched its chatbot called Bard. However, Google's senior vice president Prabhakar Raghavan warned against the pitfalls of artificial intelligence (AI) in chatbots during an interview with Welt am Sonntag newspaper.

In his comments published in German, Raghavan stated that using this kind of AI could lead to something he calls “hallucination” - when a machine provides a convincing but completely made-up answer instead of correct information. He highlighted the importance of developers reducing such occurrences as much as possible. This warning came shortly after OpenAI released its hit application ChatGPT which was able to generate strikingly human-like responses due to it being powered by advanced algorithms and natural language processing techniques.

On Wednesday, however, Alphabet had some trouble with its promotional video for Bard when it shared inaccurate information resulting in its market value dropping by $100 billion. This highlights the need for caution when developing new technologies involving AI and is most likely why they have yet to indicate when exactly the app will be publicly available - even though user testing is currently underway on Bard already. To ensure accurate information is generated each time someone interacts with Bard or ChatGPT, Microsoft has announced a multimillion-dollar partnership with OpenAI while Google works towards perfecting its software by investing heavily in other AI startups.

Google is currently investing heavily in other AI startups as well as developing Bard, while Microsoft has partnered with OpenAI for around $10 billion to launch new products together soon. Both companies are aiming to embed AI tools into their search services, Bing and Google Search, respectively, to give people more accurate results faster than ever before using natural language processing techniques such as understanding questions asked by users without having them type out keywords word-for-word each time they need an answer or help with something online.

All this goes to show how important it is for developers to not only pay attention to accuracy but also ensure that ethical considerations are taken into account during the production process of any new technology involving artificial intelligence – especially those related directly or indirectly to people such as search engine bots and self-driving cars, etc. As always, competition between tech giants remains high, but hopefully, safety won't be compromised as companies like Microsoft and Alphabet continue investing heavily into these research projects – because we want our machines to help us rather than confuse us even more!

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