Fortnite: A Look Ahead to 2023

  • Persephone Calhoun
  • Dec 17, 2022
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Fortnite: A Look Ahead to 2023

With the release of Fortnite in 2017, developer Epic Games has been hard at work over the years updating and improving the game, with new features and bug fixes being released on a regular basis. As we approach the end of 2022, the question on everyone's mind is what changes can we expect for Fortnite when 2023 rolls around? We have been able to get some insight into what Epic Games is planning for the future of Fortnite, and in this article, we will take a look at what to expect in 2023.

The first major update that is planned for Fortnite in 2023 is a major overhaul of the game's engine. This engine update is expected to provide a more immersive and visually stunning experience, as well as improved performance and stability. Players can look forward to more realistic physics, enhanced lighting, and improved world geometry. This update is likely to be one of the biggest changes to the Fortnite world since the game's launch in 2017.

In addition to the engine update, Fortnite in 2023 will also include a variety of gameplay changes and fixes. Epic Games has already announced that they are planning to make changes to the game’s building system, with an increased focus on building as a strategic element. Players can also expect improvements to the game’s weapon balancing and the implementation of new weapons and items. 

Other changes that are planned for 2023 include the introduction of a new game mode, as well as the implementation of a brand new map. The new game mode is expected to be a highly competitive, team-based experience that will appeal to the more competitive players. The new map will be larger than the current one and will feature a variety of different biomes and areas to explore.

In addition to these changes, Epic Games has also announced that they are planning to add a variety of new features to Fortnite in 2023. These features are expected to include a new matchmaking system, as well as an improved in-game economy and more customization options. The matchmaking system will be designed to make it easier for players to find suitable opponents, while the improved in-game economy will introduce more ways to earn and spend in-game currency.

Finally, 2023 will also be the year that Fortnite introduces cross-play between Xbox and PlayStation, as well as full support for cross-play between PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. This will allow players to team up with their friends regardless of the platform that they are playing on, and will also give players the opportunity to compete against each other in a variety of different ways.

Overall, 2023 looks to be a very exciting year for Fortnite. With the introduction of a new engine, a variety of gameplay changes and fixes, a new game mode, a new map, and a host of new features, Fortnite players can look forward to a great experience when the game is updated in 2023. So, if you're a Fortnite fan, make sure to keep an eye out for all the new updates that are coming in 2023.

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