Fan Creates Amazing Pokémon Fusion Art with Shedinja, Skitty, and Gyarados

  • Greg Burn
  • Apr 11, 2022
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Fan Creates Amazing Pokémon Fusion Art with Shedinja, Skitty, and Gyarados

Fanart is part of any gaming community and one of the exciting parts of Pokémon is that if you are a creative person, you can come up with your own creatures. Players have changed Pokémon for many years since the initial release of the game in 1996. Now with the technologies available, it has become even easier to create fun new Pokémon all on your own.

This time, a Pokémon fan under the name of Quotedotlass on Reddit combined three Pokémon and came up with interesting creatures that look like they belong to the world of the game. The user mixed Cofagrigus and Skitty, Gardevoir and Shedinja, and Corsola and Gyarados. What is great about this particular fan art is that these combined Pokémon look like they have been taken out of the game. They are so believable that they look like the future evolution of the mentioned Pokémon or their regional variants.

When it comes to the appearance of Pokémon, the combination of Gyarados and Corsola resulted in a creature that features white and pink colors and also coral details on the tail and spine. While looking a lot like Gyarados, this Pokémon has horns on the head, which is a trait of Corsola.

As for fan art featuring Skitty, this Pokémon is depicted playing with a cloth ball. It is dressed in a blue and gold outfit that indicates Cofagrigus. When it comes to the combination of Gardevoir and Shedinja, it could certainly pass as the evolution of Shedinja. This Pokémon got the color scheme from Shedinja while also having a tall Gardevoir frame.

Overall, this fan art has surely been successful, as all Pokémon look interesting and true to the style of the game.

Have you ever tried creating Pokémon fan art? What do you think about this one? Please, share your thoughts in the comments below.

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