AI-Generated Selfies to Show Up on Snapchat

  • Persephone Calhoun
  • Oct 22, 2022
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AI-Generated Selfies to Show Up on Snapchat

Similar to any brand new tech gizmo, algorithmically-generated art is in the constant process of evolving — and on its way to embracing social media. Ever heard about the tools that metamorphose your selfies into AI-backed versions in an array of styles? It appears that something like that is coming to Snapchat. Keep reading if you want to know more details. 

Take AI-generated selfie portraits, for example. They blend your looks with various styles and themes via artificial intelligence. Now, imagine a similar feature becoming available as a Snapchat filter. That’s what we call an instant and super fun makeover! Do you think this matter-of-mere-moments art will make human artists obsolete?

There are web-based tools to help you make your own AI-based portraits in the blink of an eye. DrawAnyone is one of them. Just go to their website, post your selfies, then wait until the platform processes them and returns your new themed portraits. The result is impressive to say the least — and incredibly graphic. A word of warning: the site takes quite a long time to process your pics. And, naturally, you won’t be given too many free portrait-generation attempts. But, oh well, that’s life! 

Initially brought to life by software developer Bonnie Pham and her boyfriend, the popularity of the idea behind DrawAnyone is skyrocketing. Chances are the AI-based selfie trend will soon transfer onto the social media scene and show up on Snapchat in the form of filters. After all, it’s an exciting way to unleash the unique side of your personality to your online pals. 

So, what about you? Have you already tried the new tool? Perhaps, you’ve already given the fun text-to-image AI services a go? Have your say in the comment box below. Your fellow tech lovers are looking forward to hearing all about your AI-based artistic experiences.

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