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  To respond to competitive challenges rapidly


FastRPG enables developers/programmers to rapidly build high-quality business application programs, screens and print programs.


This PDM/SEU/SDA/WDSc add-on tool essentially builds the standard part of an RPG IV program and screen DDS quickly and efficiently.
  The source code generated by FastRPG is extremely well structured and documented, much more than most ‘manually produced’ code.
  Develop software on your terms

Direct Generation

You are free to add your own logic or routines using SEU, SDA or WDSc after FastRPG generates the initial code.  If, at a later date,

you need to edit the same program in FastRPG, all your external changes remain.

FastRPG lends itself to rapid application development and/or maintenance to existing applications. It works well in any environment that uses

 Software on your term

existing or new DDS files or SQL tables. Our tool generates modular programs.  For example, if you build a windowed pick-list, that module
  can be used in other programs by simply calling the module and passing a few parameters.
  You can share FastRPG environments with multiple developers.

No need to build a repository.

  When using FastRPG, you are using your own file and field names from your DDS or SQL tables.  The generated code is easy to read.
  You will not have to deal with cryptic generated field names that are difficult to track.  The entire generated source is well documented,
  structured and readable.
  The programs generated by FastRPG do not need the product to work in a production environment (no runtime requirements.)

You are free to move the source and objects to other machines if desired.